Best Scar Cream Reviews – Buying Guide for 2017

People don’t like scars as every body wishes for a clean and clear glowing skin. But some times due to severe weather, injury or aging effect, you may get scar on your skin. People gets scars and blemishes specially on face as the face has the most sensitive skin which is exposed to the environment directly. It is really hard to face the people around you when you are having blemishes on your skin. That might be due to acne, cut our wound. Women usually apply heavy makeup to cover those blemishes marks but it can not hide those scars from the people’s eyes. When you are having healthy skin, your face looks fresh and attractive even without makeup and it also boosts your confidence.

These days a number of scar removal creams are available in the market. Most of the manufacturers claim that their creams can completely remove the scars. But the bitter reality is that its not that much true. There are some good scar removal creams that diminish the scars with regular application but if you are thinking that it will completely remove scar within days or weeks then that is not the case. We have checked dozens of scar removal creams and listed the best picks in this article. After going through this article, you would be able to pick the best scar removal cream as per your scar condition, type and age.

The skin require both inner and outer treatment for a healthy and scar free look. You must eat healthy diet to maintain proper nutrition and do exercise to remove toxins via sweat. You can maintain glowing and scar-free game with some precautions and regular care.  Most of the people are so much conscious about skin that they are willing to spend even thousands of dollars for the scar treatment. People usually think that these scars are permanent and they can not be removed.  This is true up to some extent. As per the conditions of the scar marks on the skin, some scars are really deep and old which require painful and expensive treatment for their complete removal. There are many effective treatments as well as products that can help you heal the scars completely or at least helps you to low the tone/visibility of these scars. You can significantly reduce those scar marks on skin using some of the best scar removal creams that can remove the marks very quickly and effectively.

Having scars and blemishes on your face really hurt your self esteem. It makes your appearance dull and also affect your confidence level. So you should go for a proper skin treatment in order to remove scars. There are many scar removal creams available these days but which one to choose is the most difficult task. In this post, we are going to review best scar removal creams, their benefits and usage. The top 10 scar removal creams that are rigorously tested by the users and only contain high quality ingredients are shared in this article.  So here you go:

Top 10 Best Scar Removal Creams (Reviews)

1- Biocorneum Plus SPF 30 Advance Scar Supervision


This is one of the best FDA approved scar cream for old scars. Due to any injury/treatment, if you got scar on any part of your body then try this cream bioCorneum plus SPF 30 Advanced Scar Supervision Reviewfor the treatment. It can reduce the redness due to fresh injury/heat exposure and matches the color to normal skin tone.  Biocorneum active ingredients are SPF 30 and silicone which heals the skin scars and wounds. According the product website, SPF 30 formula was recommended to Angelina Jolie for scar removal. This shows the healing power of this cream as it is used by many Hollywood celebrities.


Blocorneum SPF 30 cream can be used for the treatment of large scars up to 8-9 inches in length. You just need to apply small amount (around 50g) evenly on the affected area on daily basis and you will notice the results within few days. This cream can also reduce itching and discomfort to notable extent due to its powerful ingredients.  Regular use of Blocorneum scar removal cream softens the skin and flattens the raised scars with the passage of time.

How it Works

Biocerum uses three type of silicon to create an effective layer that can resist water and helps healing the itching and burn while healing the wound and scars very effectively. Topical silicone is safe and useful treatment for keloidal and hypertrophic scars. As per the review of the users, this cream helped many people get clear skin after use and really helpful for all kind of scars and wounds. Spf formula also reduce the effect of UV rays on the skin which also helps to avoid any allergies or reactions of the skin with the environmental substances.

Biocorneum is the only FDA Clear Gel that contains SPF special formula for topical scar treatment .  Silicon locks the moisture and creates a protective layer on the skin that avoid the abnormal healing of the skin by controlling collagen regulation. The product can’t be used for the treatment of stretch marks that are caused by the dermal layer of skin. Still many users claim that this scar cream effectively lighten the stretchmarks on the body (specially abdomen area).

2- CICA CARE Silicone Gel Sheeting 


CICA CARE gel sheet is a self adhesive Gel sheet, manufactured by Smith and Nephew which is used for the treatment of Keloid and Hypertrophic scars. CICA Gel sheet is found to be 90% effective for the treatment of raised, red or dark scars. It has the power to heal old scars up to 20 years. This can also be used for CICA CARE Silicone Gel Sheeting Reviewblemished or red scars which cause itching and discomfort. The sheet size is 12 cm x 15 cm which is enough to cover any scar or wound. CICA care silicon gel sheeting is easy to use because of Silicon Membrane and gel. This makes it more durable and effective as compared to the other silicone gel sheets.

How to Use

For maximum results, it is recommended to wear CICA silicon gel sheet for 4 hours and then increase duration by 2 hour daily so that you skin gets familiar with the treatment. It is necessary to clean Gel sheet regularly as not properly cleaning may cause infection.

CICA Gel sheet is a self adhesive Sheet so it does not require any additional tape to stay at its place. For convenience, one side of the sheet is self adhesive so it sticks to the skin with out any extra bandage. CICA Gel sheet can be used for all kind of wounds and scars on external skins. Its simple use makes it one of the best silicone sheets for scars.

How it Works

CICA gel sheet covers the skin and hydrate the scar area. This locks the moisture in the skin surrounding the scar reducing blood supply to the area. This makes least deposit of Collagen in the infected area which makes the scar area tissues pale in color. It is one of the most used silicone gel sheets for keloids.


CICA Care silicon Gel Sheet should not be used on fresh wounds or cuts. Also do not use it with any kind of cream or ointment. It comes with all the necessary moisture. In some cases, it is seen that a rash has appeared where the gel is applied. The reason for the rash is that the gel is applied for longer time or the gel is applied very tightly. In such case, your should use the gel for a lesser duration.

3- Smith and Nephew Lodosorb Gel Tube 


Smith and Nephew LODOSORB Gel is made of Cadexomer Iodine. When applied to the wound, it cleans it by removing exudate, absorbing fluids, debris forming a gel over the surface of the wound area. This is best for diabetic ulcers, infected wounds and pressure sores. It slow down the growth of bacteria by absorbing the exudate. The gel releases iodine, killing color changing bacteria as iodine is being used. LODOSORB Gel is best to use for clean and healthy healing environment for wound. As it is in the form of gel having non adhesive ability so it is easy to remove or change according to the wound conditions.


LODOSORB GEL tube contains 0.9 % w/w iodine so it should be used carefully by the patient if they are sensitive to iodine. It is strictly restricted to used according to the doctors prescription if a person is Hashimoto’s Thyroids patient.

4- Bio Oil  for Scar Stretch Marks 


Bio Oil is one of the best selling acne scar removal cream. It has gained a lot of popularity because of removing stretch marks and one of the favorite among the teenage and even adults who are scared of skin marks and scars. Many people ask “Does Bio Oil works?””. Let me tell you that this Bio Oil stretch marks treatment has been effective in reducing the existing stretch marks. It is highly recommended by many doctors and is one of the most used scar healing cream Bio Oil  for Scar Stretch Marks with many positive reviews.  The Bio Oil has helped many people getting back their confidence by giving them a  new identity and influenced many patients mentally and emotionally.

How it Works

Bio Oil contains ingredient that increase the elasticity of the skin which in turn reduces the possibility of making new stretch marks or scars. This can also be used on scar tissues on joints and other frequently moving areas which are having more sensitive tissues. This makes it effective for the treatment of the scar tissues even in such difficult areas.


Bio Oil is proven by testing techniques and it is proved by consumer studies that 65% of the patients observed improvement in scars appearance in just 4 weeks and 50% of the participants showed improvement in stretch marks in only 4 weeks. The results are different for every scar type and patient scar condition however it is found that Bio oil works and is effective in removing scars and stretch marks in most of the patients.

5- Mederma Advance Scar Gel


Mederma is a best known brand for Scar and wound treatment creams and gel. It is one of the best doctor and  pharmacist recommended brand for scars. Mederma scar gel is a daily routine treatment that effectively reduce the scars redness. It works for old as well as new scars and cures all kind of scars including surgery scar, acne scars, cut, injuries or burn scars.Mederma Advance Scar Gel Review


Mederma Scar gel contains Cepalin which is the key ingredient of the product. Cepalin is the part of mederma secret formula that diminishes the scar, acne marks and burn marks. This key formulation of the gel makes it different from the other scar creams available in the market. As per the clinical trials and testing, it is observed that the advance scar gel improved 36% of the infected areas which is in the form of texture change or removing the darkness. That’s why it is considered as one of the best scar cream for surgical scars and cuts.


The gel is applicable on all kind of scars. It should be applied as per the length and width of scar and properly spread over the area. For new scars, you should apply it one time daily for 6 to 8 weeks and 3 to 6 months for old scars. You should give at least two weeks to scar to develop new skin on the surface, when the stitches are removed. Apply the gel gently on the infected area on a daily routine basis and you will start seeing the results in 4 to 6 weeks. It should be noted that Mederma Scar Gel is only for external use and should be used carefully for special kind of skin infections or wounds.

6- Mederma PM intensive Overnight Scar Cream


As already stated that Mederma is specialized in making scar removal cream and gels. PM intensive over night cream is the only over night scar removal cream that helps to reduce the blemish marks and scars over night while sleeping. During night, body works to reverse the effect of damages caused during day time. The regenerating and repairing speed is fast as compared to the day. It is considered the best time to get results. So here comes the best cream for removing age spots on face and reversing the aging effects on skin.Mederma PM intensive Overnight Scar Cream Review


Mederma Special night formula contains Tripeptol. This compounds is a complex of collagen, peptides and antioxidants that helps to nourish the skin making it a healthy and fresh. This special formula also helps to heal the free radical damage caused by the daily routine activity or some special wounds.


This cream is very effective if continuously used. Studies have shown that you will start observing clear difference in the scar after first night use. For best results, use the cream for 14 night continuously. Gently massage the cream over the scar area before going to bed for 8 weeks on new scars and 3 to 6 month on old scars. Although the result are highly dependent on the type of scar and scar condition. This cream is for external use only and should be used after the instruction of the doctors on sensitive scar areas or wounds which are not properly healed.

7- ScarAway Professional Grade Silicone Scar Treatment


ScarAway sheets are made with advance material that have unique combination of flexibility, wash-ability, breathability and adhesiveness. The sheet is in the form of soft silky fabric backing that provides maximum comfort and protection. One can even use it under compression garments because of its easiness to wear.ScarAway Professional Grade Silicon Scar Treatment Review


The advance scaraway sheet consists of silicon which hydrates the scar tissues and in return it reduces the excessive scar formation and darkness while matching the scar color with natural skin tone. The ScarAway sheet treatment can be used on hypertrophic scars and Keloids.

How to Use

Scaraway Silcion sheets are best scar treatment for burns are used by burn centers, hospitals and Plastic surgeons. Its application is simple and easy. Wash and dry the infected area so that it is free from dust. Simply flattens on the infected skin and see the magic. This sheet will soften the skin making skin smooth which will reduce the formation of new scars. It has an adhesive surface to stick it firmly on the effected scar area. The silicon sheet is washable and can be reused.


ScarAway Professional Grade Silicon should be used for 12 hour per day for each scar and can be used for maximum 14 days with cleaning option. Gentle washing will maintain the adhesion and flexibility in the sheet. The scar cream can be used on large scars, skin burns or skin contours even on C-section scars. The scar sheet gives good results on old scars as well as on newly healed wounds.

8- Kelo Cote Advance Formula Scar Gel


Kelo Cote Scar gel is intended to cure hypertrophic and Keloid scars that are caused by surgery, wounds or burns. This scar gel is applicable on both new and old scars but be careful when using on freshly heal wound. Only use when the wound is closed and the sutures are removed. The main ingredients of the cream are Polysiloxanes and Silicon Dioxide.Kelo Cote Advance Formula Scar Gel Review

How to Use

To apply the cream on the skin, clean the skin and dry it. Apply the Gel on the scar or burns gently and spread it over the skin to cover all the area. Apply twice daily to get the best results. The treatment duration is 60 to 90 days depending upon the scar type.


The cream is clinically tested and proved to be very good for scar treatment. Recommended by many doctors, the cream helps to heal the sign of scar, soften the skin and lighten the dark scar signs. With many positive reviews and feedback from the consumer, Kelo Cote is best scar treatment gel. Some people have seen significant improvement in the scar appearance after the use of this gel.

9- ScarAway Self repair 100% Silicone Self Drying Gel 


ScarAway have a vast range of products for skin and scar treatment. The self repairing Silicone gel contains the only patented, self drying, transparent silicon technology that heals the scar by diminishing the scar appearance and prevents excessive growth of scar. Tha’ts why it is considered as the best scar cream for legs spots etc. Like other Silicone Gels, this cream is used for the treatment of new as well as old scars. The silicone Gel technology helps to cover the dead skin cell areas making a thin dry layer of silicon.

How it Works

The gel is clinically proven to reduce redness, itching while it flatten and soften the scars and relieve discomfort of the scar. The scar gel contains Kelo Cote Silicon formulation that dries on the skin with in minutes and make an invisible, breathable, water proof layer over the infected area. The odorless and colorless gel makes it easy to use for girls of all ages and skin types. Because of these properties, this gel can be used for face scar removal as well as other infected areas.


ScarAway Silicone gel can be used for the treatment of scar caused by the following surgical procedure: Brest Augmentation/ Implant, Facial surgeries, Open heart surgery scars, hand surgery, Tattoo removal, tummy tuck, cesarean (C-section) scar removal cream.

10- Improved MediHoney Gel Wound & Burn Dressing


MediHoney Wound and Burn dressing is the internationally recognized honey based product for the treatment of wounds and scars. It is considered one of the Improved MediHoney Gel Wound & Burn Dressing Reviewbest scar gel that contains Leptospermum Honey ( A unique type of Honey available in New Zealand ) that quickly deodorizes wound promoting wound healing. The dressing can be used for treatment of wound at any stage and could be used as the bed preparation for any kind of wound. The studies have shown this scar cream/gel very effective for the treatment of wounds and scars.


The gel cream is very easy to apply. Just like other creams, apply the gel on the wound and spread the cream so that it makes a thin layer over the scar.  Make sure that scar is fully covered when you apply the gel. The cream makes a thin layer over the wound that promotes a moisture balanced environment for conducive healing. Medihoney regulate constant flow of lymph and helps to maintain the Lower PH level. The product contains natural ingredients, easy to use and safe for external use only.

What are Scars, and How do they Form?

Scars are usually formed when the skin cells are damaged due to some kind of wound or burn. The skin tissues that are affected appear to be different from the adjacent skin color as they are in the repair and replace phase. The scars usually have a brownish/darker tint with some skin irregularities in case of severe scars. The color usually range from lighter to darker shade.

There are many contributing factors in making the scar. You will not get a scar by the paper cut or scratches by a kitten. Scars are formed on deeper wounds like knife cut, burns, surgeries and injuries that take long time to heal.

Some of the main causes for scars formation are;

  • Skin abrasion
  • Skin infection
  • Improper cleaning of the wound or surgery area
  • Natural environmental factors

During the healing process of the wound, the top tissues that are closing the wound have more fiber and collagen to bind the upper skin so that the internal tissue healing become protective.

The scar area is also thicker and denser as compared to the adjacent skin area. During the repairing phase, the skin tissues try to repair themselves but some times, there is a dark spot left behind which can be highly visible in case of face or other prominent body parts. With the passage of time, the scar usually get lighter and skin irregularities are reduced.

The scar area have more dense skin than the regular skin. With the passage of time, the scar area cells becomes soft and the excess thickness reduces. What ever the scenario for the formation of scar, the final scar appearance is very unpredictable. They can be darker or paler, raised or soft , some time causing skin infection, tightness and itching.

The appearance of the scar is mainly dependent on the following factors;

  • Cause of wound, like cut or burn etc
  • Skin type and previous skin infections
  • Location of the scar
  • Diet and nutrition
  • Hormone balance

In some cases, a thick scab is formed on the wound during the healing process. If the scab is left for long time until the wound is deeply recovered, there are less chances of scar formation. Scab removal will cause reopening of the wound that damage the repairing tissues formation and assembling increasing chances of formation of prominent scars with more darker skin.

Different Types of Scars

There are different type of scars depending upon the healing process. Although the Collagen is same in all scars but the composition of the scar tissue is different from the normal tissues as the scar tissue have less flexibility. Normal tissues have more elastic behavior. Scars are labeled based on the amount of collagen and have two main types. One is Hypertrophic and the other is Keloid Scars.

1- Hypertrophic scars are formed because of excessive collagen which makes the skin raised as compared to the surrounding area. These scars normally form a big red lump on the skin. These usually happens within 6 to 8 weeks and cause infection or wound closure with traumatic skin injuries and tension in the skin. Hypertrophic scars usually occurs with in the effected area of the skin and does not grow outside the original wound area.

2- Keloid scars are more dangerous types of scars as they grow large in the form of tumors. They are most common in black men. These scars are usually caused due to surgery, acne, accident or body piercing. Keloid scars are not cancerous as they are inner masses of collagen. However in some individuals , they are formed instantaneously and cause pain or itching. Surgical removal of keloid scar is dangerous.

3- Atrophic scars have pitted appearance and usually form a sunken recess on the skin. They are formed when skin supporting structure such as fat are lost. Chickenpox, acne, spider and insect bite can form Atrophic scars.

4- Stretch mark is also a type of scars in which the skin is stretched or the skin is under tension. This can be due to the healing process or gain of weight. These scars heal themselves after some time.

5- Contracture scars are formed when the skin gets burn. These scars tight the infected skin area making it difficult to move that part of the body. These scars usually gets deeper and make deep signs on the skin which recover with the passage of time.

How to Select the best Scar Removal Cream?

Scar creams are less expensive and effective in the treatment of scars and burns. These are also preferred over laser treatments or surgeries which are risky. All the scar cream have their own area of specialties, some are best for scar treatment while some can be used to heal the wounds and burns.

Scar healing is a time taking process and the speed of treatment depend on the condition of the scar. You should be very careful when choosing the best scar cream for the treatment of the skin scars as it may not suite your skin. You can also consult your skin specialist to find the best product for your treatment.

Choosing the best scar cream depend upon the following factors:

  • Skin type
  • Scar type
  • Level of Scars
  • Price of cream

You must consider these factors as all these factors have a major effect on the results which you get after application of scar cream. One scar cream may works best for someone but may not have the same results for another person. Unsightly scar from acne, surgeries and skin damage can make you self conscious. Oils, scar healing gels and cream can help to reduce the scars visibility to great extent. You will see the best results shortly after the scar cream heals a wound. You can get the best advice from a dermatologist or skin specialist if your skin problem is really serious.


Scar removal creams are cheap, effective and safest way of scar treatment. But if you have any skin disease or allergies then you must consult your dermatologist before using any cream or gel. All the above mentioned creams are can very effective when used regularly for scar removal. You can pick the best scar cream as per your scar condition and discuss with your skin specialist before using it. Also don’t forget to read the instructions of use before the application of cream.

If you have any question then feel free to reach us through the comments section or the contact us page. We would be happy to assist you.